16 Jul

We are moving!


It is with great regret that we announce our move from 44 Amoy Street.

Our plans have gone ahead a little quicker than we had anticipated, and our last day at Amoy Street will be Friday the 21st of July.

But! We will be starting our new adventure in the eastern side of Singapore!

Our new store will be located at 122 Tembeling Road, and will continue to serve our awesome chocolate goodness.

We will also be focusing more on island-wide deliveries so do look out for our new online ordering system coming up soon!

We want to thank all our lovely customers for supporting us for so many years at Amoy. It has been a blast!

But please do not fear! We will be working with our partners to bring Matt’s The Chocolate Shop back to the CBD in the near future, so check back for updates!

We hope to see you during our final week at Amoy!
And of course at our new store at Tembeling!
Opening tentatively on the 26th of July!!