About Matt’s The Chocolate Shop

Matt’s The Chocolate Shop is a dark chocolate fudge specialist, founded by former-banker-turned baker Matthew Chow. Officially opened in July 2012, the shop takes pride in good old-fashioned chocolate cakes made from Matt’s original closely guarded recipe. The cakes are irresistible to the bite – moist, rich and hearty with a distinctly rich fudge-like texture.

Barely two years into the business, Matt’s signature chocolate cakes have garnered a loyal following by word-of-mouth, with cakes selling out by lunchtime on most days. The cakes have been featured in the media and consistently voted among the top 10 chocolate cakes in Singapore.

About Matthew Chow

Founder & Managing Director of Matt’s The Chocolate Shop Matthew Chow is a former banker-turned-baker, whose passion for chocolate cake saw him experimenting with various recipes and sharing the calories at work. When his colleagues couldn’t get enough of his cakes and placed more orders than he could cope with, Matt took a delicious leap of faith and Matt’s The Chocolate Shop was conceived.